Who do I contact for information?

All inquiries regarding orders must be submitted to info@CurlDefinition.com. In your email please provide the NAME on the order and the ORDER# in the subject line of the email. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Order inquiries submitted to an inbox on one of our various social media platforms or via voice messaging will not be responded to.


When Will I Receive My Package?

Because all products are hand-made to order, orders are generally processed within 10-15 Business Days (Monday-Friday & non-Federal Holidays) from the time the order is placed, and may take longer during times of high demand and inclement weather. Processing time does not include shipping time. Orders placed during a sale, promotion or holiday may take longer to process & ship. Time in transit is not controlled by SL + Co and is 100% controlled by the postal carrier. That means from the time your package has completed processing and we have sent notice to the carrier to pick up your package for delivery, your orders will be delivered in the given time lines of the carrier. Please refer to http://www.curldefinition.com/shipping--return-policy.html for information on our shipping and return policy.


Is Shipping Insurance Available

Yes, Shipping insurance is now available at checkout through ROUTE.


When Will I Receive My Tracking# & Updates On My Order?

You will not receive an order update until your order has been processed and shipped. This email will be sent to the email address that you provide at time of ordering and will provide your tracking number. Please allow up to 3 days for USPS records to reflect updated shipping information for the provided tracking number. You will not receive an update prior to shipping unless there is a change in processing of your order. 


Where do I find PROMO CODES / COUPONS?

All current & general promo codes and coupons will be listed on the website, IG or Facebook.


I have 4c Hair, will the products work for me?

Yes, The Curl Definition Natural Hair Training System was designed to meet the Curl Defining needs of 4 type hair that has not experienced any permanent alteration to its natural curl pattern. ***If your styling practices have altered your natural curl pattern this product may not be for you. The Curl Definition system defines curls, not create curls. Heat and manipulation damage  are often permanent and may have to be trimmed away. However, the continuous use of this system may train your hair to regenerate a curl pattern.


 Does Curl Definition work on mixed hair?

The systems are based on Curl pattern, not ethnicity. As long as the hair has its natural curl pattern, you would use the Curly bundle for loosely Curly hair and the Coily bundle for tightly Curly, Coily and Kinky hair. 


Is Curl Definition a perm?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! All Curl Definition Products are handcrafted with natural ingredients to capture your natural curl pattern. There is no chemical process used to create a curl pattern.


Can I apply this system myself at home? 

Absolutely. However, if you just don't have a knack for hair you may want to bring it to your Curly/Natural Hair Stylist and suggest that they visit our Facebook page and website.


How can I find the ingredients? 

When visiting www.CurlDefinition.com you can find the Ingredient List on the Description tab of each individual product. If you are purchasing a Bundle click the link of the individual product in the Description tab to view its Ingredient List.


Will I receive instructions on using the system?

Yes. You will receive an instruction card with your order.


Will this system work on my heat damaged, chemically texturized or relaxed hair?

CURL DEFINITION DOES NOT WORK ON STRAIGHT HAIR, whether from heat damage or chemical processing. This system was designed to make your NATURALLY given curls *POP*, it does not create curls. If your hair has lost its natural curl and there is no curl to define this system will not work for your hair. However, if you have only experienced a slight alteration in your natural curls and are able to see a pattern, you should be fine. You may be able to blend the loosely curled hair that is a result of heat damage by using small rods or a twist out to create a curl in the sections that have experienced damage.


My order doesn't look exactly like my last order. Why?

Our products are indeed hand crafted with natural ingredients and many herbal infusions. As a result each batch may have variances.


What is the shelf life?

The shelf life of each individual product is indicated on the label. 


How long will the style last?

Up to 2 weeks with sleeping in a bonnet.  Keep in mind, each person is different. Most clients can keep this style for two week. But some clients couldn't keep a style longer than a week if their life depended on it. So I say, once you see the styling gel starting to bead up, it is time for a shampoo and fresh style. Short hair often times do not last as long. Short cuts normally have to reset their Curl Definition every few days until their hair is trained.


Do I have to use The Curl Defining Gel with the Curl Training Mold?

No, but it is recommended for lasting hold. The Curl Training Mold was not designed to be a styling product, but rather a primer and a support to the Herbal Infused Defining Gel. The 3-Step Bundle provides the products required for the Curl Definition System, including the Herbal Infused Curl Defining Gel. 


When to use Cream Moisturizer and Herbal Infused Oil?

When using the Cream Moisturizer with the 3 Step System or as a part of any other regimen you would apply it to damp hair before using Styling products. You can use the Oil after shampooing and styling as needed. Refer to the instruction card provided in your package. 


How should I dry my hair?

After application of the Curl Definition Products you may either air dry or sit under a hood dryer. Trial and error is suggested to find your preferred results based on how your hair responds.


How do I maintain this style at home?

Curl Definition is a hands off style. Fiddling around with your hair after it has been set and adding product unnecessarily will result in frizz, loss of definition and product build up. With that being said, home care consists of;

  • Wearing a silk bonnet at night, or sleeping on a silk pillow case.
  • Misting the hair and scalp with the Daily Hair & Scalp Conditioning Mist, as needed.
  • Herbal Infused Oil Blend may be applied, by smoothing on to the hair in a downward motion, to soften the hair, and add additional shine.
  • If you find that your scalp feels dry, mist the scalp with the Daily Hair & Scalp Conditioning Mist, then massage the Herbal Infused Oil Blend to the scalp to seal the moisture in.

That's it!


How do I touch up my coils in between styling?

There are times that varying textures loose definition earlier than other areas of texture in your hair. To touch up your coils, mist your hair with the Daily Conditioning and then grab a pinch of the Herbal Infused Curl Defining Gel between your fingers and smooth on to the coils in a downward motion until smooth. Then allow to air dry. Here is a link to a great video showing how to refresh your Curl Definition, https://www.facebook.com/CurlDefinition/videos/2516169425275018/


How can I get samples? 

We do not give samples. Because our products are hand made and in high demand, our focus remains on processing orders.


Can men do this system?

Absolutely! This system is not gender specific. It is texture specific.  As long as you have your natural kinky/coily hair this system is for you. 


Will my hair maintain its shine?

Yes. However, you can touch it up with the Herbal Infused Oil Blend for added shine.  


Can I use the system on my toddler?

​I recommend using the styling products on children beyond the toddler age. Overall, the majority of any styling products are heavier than should be used on the tiny follicles of the little ones.


What if Flaking occurs, it feels sticky or it has a white residue?

This normally means you have used to much product or you missed a step in your application, like applying the product to completely wet hair or not allowing it to dry. Refer to your step by step instructions an/or try using less product. Remember, a little goes a long way. 


Does Curl Definition only work on 4 Type Curl Patterns?

The 3-Step System for Coily, KInky & Tightly Curly Hair was created to enhance the Curl Definition of 3c-4c Type hair. The CocoAloe Soft Hold was created to meet the specific needs of 3 type curls. The Liquid Styler also works to provide hold to 2 and 3 type curl patterns.


Can I use the Curl Definition products on my children?

The Curl Definition system is appropriate for children 4 years and above. This system was created by a natural hair stylist who firmly believes that heavier hair care products should not be used on toddlers. Light oils and creams are sufficient. 


Can I use the Curl Definition Products on Transitioning Hair?

The Curl Definition system will not work the same on your straight hair as it will on your natural hair because Curl definition does not create curls it just defines the natural curl. However our products can be used if you’re looking to provide hold to your styling or as your “go to” for adding moisture during your styling.


I am not able to order online?

Here are the things that you can try in attempting your order;

-Try closing your browser, reopening and ordering again

-Try using another browser

-Try using another device 

-Use another form of payment


What forms of payment do you take?

All purchases are taken through this online store. We receive payments from all major credit cards and Paypal. Some prepaid credit cards may not work. We do not receive Checks, Money Orders, Cash App, Bitcoins or Cash.


Will my hair be hard?

The more product you apply, the more prone it will be to dry stiff.  Remember, a little goes a long way. If your hair dries hard allow your first 1 or 2 days of using the mist to soften your hair. Spray the Daily Conditioning Mist as provide in your instructions or apply a small amount of the Herbal Infused Oil to soften the cast. As time progresses you will find that your hair will remain soft and shiny. 


How can I make an appointment?

Our books are currently closed to new clients. Please visit out HOME page, scroll to the bottom and sign up to our email list to receive notification of when we will be receiving new clients. 


What stores are these products in?

The system is currently only available for online purchasing.