Does Porosity Really Matter?

How Does Porosity Impact Your Curl Definition?

Some frequent questions asked of us are regarding porosity and how Curl Definition products work on low or high porosity hair; mainly low porosity. This is because of the recent understanding in the community that low porosity hair can seem resistant to moisture and product absorption due to the tightness of the hair’s cuticle layers (the outer protective layer of the hair).

Porosity levels range from:

  • High Porosity, more porous (easily allows water in and out)
  • Mid Porosity
  • Low Porosity, least porous (resistant to allowing water in and out)

High Porosity hair wets quickly and you can see an almost immediate relaxing of the curl upon contact with water. Medium porosity hair absorbs the water fairly quick and you can see a relaxing of the curl upon wetting naked hair for up to a minute or so. Low porosity hair requires the most time of saturation and may require the addition of warmer water before the cuticles can lift enough to allow the hair to absorb. The water can then break the internal bonds that allow the curls to relax.

So, to the question, "Does Porosity Matter?", the answer is yes. It matters in the application of your curl defining products.

Tips and Tricks on the Best Wash and Go, based on Porosity

Here are some tips and tricks on best Wash and Go techniques, based on porosity.

(Keep in mind most techniques are effective for both Low and High Porosity, Mid Porosity should be used as directed by the product instructions.)

  • LP/HP: Work EVERY product into your hair by massaging down the hair shaft, including water, shampoo, conditioners, leave-ins, treatments and your styling products.
  • LP/HP: Use the full Curl Definition 3-Step Cleansing System to allow your hair to be thoroughly cleansed and restored. Read my blog on the 3 Elements of A Proper Cleanse to learn why 3-Steps are important in cleansing.
  • LP/HP: Use a steamer for 15-30 mins. to apply the Moisture Rich Conditioner - Step 3 of the 3-Step Cleansing System as a deep conditioner, to ensure deeper penetration.
  • LP/HP: Before applying Step 1 Coily/Step 1 Curly, apply the Curl Training Moisturizing Cream Leave-In to hair while still in the shower. Allow some of the warm running water to facilitate working in the product. Use the Leave-in as needed, based on your moisture level. It may not be necessary on each shampoo day.
  • LP/HP: Continue to apply Step 1 Coily/Step 1 Curly & Step 2 in the shower, using some of the warm running water to facilitate working in the product.
  • LP: Avoid extending your wash day beyond every 10 days, to avoid build-up.
  • LP/HP: You can also apply the Herbal Infused Oil Blend followed by a steamer, and use this as a hot oil treatment that aids in sealing in moisture within the hair strand. You can then proceed to your wash and go style.

How To Determine Your Porosity

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Written by Serriah Le
20+ Year Natural Hair Care Specialist
Founder & Creator of Curl Definition
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