The 3 Elements of A Proper Cleanse

Curl Definition 3 Elements of A Proper Cleanse and Condition

As Naturalistas who are living in our natural texture, cleansing our hair is a simple notion… or is it?

Different variations of shampoo routines, for different people, may involve any array of varying steps and combinations.

  1. Pre-poo
  2. Detox
  3. Clarifying Shampoo
  4. Treatment Shampoo
  5. Moisturizing Shampoo
  6. Tea or Rice Water Rinses
  7. Moisturizing Conditioner
  8. Protein Conditioner
  9. Deep Conditioner
  10. Leave-in conditioner
  11. Hot Oil Treatment
  12. Moisturizer
  13. Detangler

All this before even getting to the first step of styling the hair. Phew…Just writing about it is exhausting.

Though many of these steps are beneficial the reality is, the more often you properly cleanse and condition your hair, the less steps you need to use on your shampoo day. 

Curl Definition Shampoo Regimen

We’ve created our Curl Definition Moisture Rich Cleansing 3-Step System to provide your curls the 3 Elements of A Proper Cleanse and Condition.

Weekly Shampoo may be optimal for your Curl Definition regimen to alleviate the need to use so many steps on each wash day. It's simply a matter of regularly, properly, lifting product build-up, cleansing bacteria and debris as well as restoring the health and balance of your hair and scalp.

NOTE: Avoid only relying on Moisturizing shampoos.

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Written by Serriah Le
20+ Year Natural Hair Care Specialist
Founder & Creator of Curl Definition
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